An eco-responsible vision

At Petit Kembs, we like to take care of you and those around us!?

Our gastronomic menus are organic, local and we are in an eco-responsible spirit.

To give you an idea of ??who we work with, here are some of them!

Our vegetables ???come from the Solibio Cooperative based in Strasbourg, 100% organic ?and 100% Alsace!

The meat ?is chosen from Orion Perraudin Boucher , an artisan butcher from Mulhouse, convinced eco-responsible, taking into account animal well-being?

We catch sustainable MSC fish ?caught on line by small boats,

The eggs ?are organic and supplied by the Richart farm in Roppentzwiller.

And to accompany all this beautifully, our wines ?are all Natural, chosen with Au fil du Vin Libre – Wine merchant

To further push our ethics, we have chosen green energy suppliers: ilek and Planète OUI

You know a little more about the concept of our establishment… Continued in the next issue!?